Preparing for TPD - what you should know.

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By now most of you should know about the legal changes to vaping via the TPD or Tobacco Products Directive. This is also known in the UK as TRPR as part of a wider shakeup of regulations. The TPD itself came in to force in May 2016 but was given a 12 month period in which the industry could adapt and prepare so TPD 'proper' will be enforced from 20th May 2017.

The regulations are harsh and restrictive in places but we have had them transposed to UK law in a much more open way than other EU countries, one of the small blessings. As EU vapers can legally order cross-border *subject to the country allowing this * it means that UK vendors can continue to supply EU customers. Most of the restrictions remain in place though.

Basic outline of what is now expected.



Bottle sizes - restricted to 10ml bottles, however there is no limit on the number available to purchase, nor is there a restriction on placing multiple bottles within a singular TPD compliant package.

Eliquid strength - 20mg/ml maximum. In reality due to the tolerances allowed you will find 18mg/ml is likely the highest strength you can purchase.

Labelling - requires extensive product information that can be placed on a peel and reveal label or insert leaflet. In our experience the peel and reveal labels are difficult to read legibily with all the information now required.

Outer Packaging - boxed with insert or peel and reveal. This must be CLP compliant now with correct sized hazard pictograms and contain a rather large tobacco style warning.

Testing and submission - MUST be tested and notified before sale. Eliquid now has to be extensively tested for emission and toxicology data, this is an expensive process that takes time to prepare, complete and then finally submit to MHRA for inclusion on their database. Colonel Boom's and Fallstreak brands are both tested and submitted for the flavours we carried through. The assigned EC-ID numbers will be noted on each product should you wish to confirm this. 


Atomisers must be notified - restrictions on kit packages. All atomisers must now be tested, notified and remain compliant, this means that kit packages where a device contains an atomiser MUST be submitted. Mods on their own as well as the majority of accessories are outside of the scope of TPD so can be sold freely.

Batteries - no change. These are outside the scope of the regulation.

Wick, wire, drip tips and accessories - no change. Unless specifically designed to contain and vapourise liquid the majority all fall outside the scope of TPD are not regulated within the legislation.

So, thats a lot of bumpf, what does this mean for me?

Well as we keep hearing from people there's always a way around laws. That's true but the majority of lawful and responsible vendors - ourselves included- are trying to work within the law and continue to bring you the products we have access to. There's a lot of fuss being made currently about Trading Standards looking into vendors selling products they know have been grey imported, we won't do that because it carries a risk of prosecution and the sentence is quite harsh.

Similarly there are places you can find eliquid that isn't tested nor notified. As the law is in place to offer you security and peace of mind about where and how your eliquids are produced, the quality of materials used and process employed in which it's manufactured then it's a no-brainer that supporting manufacturers who have taken the time and risk (and high costs) to do this means you are getting a quality product that has commited to remain on the market.

But 10ml Bottles, seriously?

Yes, unfortunately the 10ml bottle size is firm. We have tried to argue it will be bad for the environment, uneconomical and be pretty inconvenient to boot. One thing worth considering is the current trend of ultra low resistance atomisers designed to drink through juice.

There are atomisers on the market that are pretty frugal with the liquid consumption yet can be run with a decent amount of power to produce satisfying clouds if that is what you want. Remember that ultra low resistances need more power to get the heat in the coil and by doing this you are effectively wasting eliquid for the sake of dense vapour. If eliquid economy is a concern for you then using a higher resistance will allow lower wattage but still vapourise the nicotine you need - just make sure you are on the right strength for your habit, using low nicotine is smooth on the throat but you use more juice to compensate for the lack of nicotine.

Vaping is a way out of smoking, you can still vape and be satisfied by the nicotine by adjusting your style of vaping slightly if needed. If you need advise on how to increase nicotine levels, reduce your eliquid consumption and costs then please et in touch with us in the shop.


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