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Wait, What?


Hello customer, thanks for taking a peek at what is going on here at PlumeBlu HQ - it may come as a shock that we are announcing we are closing down after nearly 5 years in the industry! It isn't something we have taken lightly or actioned quickly but has been happening behind the scenes for a few months.

The truth is that while we have always held steady with our values to only stock hardware that has a reputation for being reliable it seems that many buyers are more interested in mods that only last a month before failing or atomisers seemingly made of cheese as they don't last.

We won't stock certain lines these days because frankly, they are warranty issues waiting to happen. Our stock levels are always carefully selected and as the main buyer for hardware it seems I dislike more than I like these days so with a limited hardware stock available we are naturally going to struggle against retailers who buy bigger bulk for greater margins.

So why close?

Dead simple really, 90% of our business isn't hardware based and with other areas of the business already setup for the juice sales there's just no point having two stock levels, two websites to manage, two order systems to work with or a myriad of different social media or contact systems - it's all just very disjointed when realistically all juice sales can be done through the actual brand of the lines.  

But, Juice?

Yes, you can still get hold of all the same lines but just not here. PlumeBlu will shortly be no more. For all future Colonel Boom's, Fallstreak , Big Zero or BLND purchases you should head to:

A BIG Thank You

We have had a ball over the last half a decade, from our very early days selling kits nobody had ever heard of to developing into a well known and respected vendor and a decent catalogue of gear. Many of you we have met at various shows and always been a pleasure to put a name and face together, we still have regular customers shopping with us today that were ordering from the first few weeks of a launch - that kind of loyalty means a huge amount and has pushed us to streamline and improve our service to where we are now.


While we do have many items to clear we have no real need to reduce our own brand eliquids but have decided that a little clearance is good for stock rotation and put a discount of pretty much everything on the site.
We want to see hardware and accessories clear off the shelves quickly so please let your friends and family know they can pick up some bargains. Once stock is reduced to a minimum level we will then start taking the site down. 

User Account.

We are attempting to migrate user accounts over to the Colonel Boom's site, you will need to password reset on your first visit following the switch but we will notify you all via newsletter if you allowed it, or updating the graphic on the site here.

Once again, thanks for all the laughs and for your continued business as we change over to becoming Colonel Boom Ltd. If you have any issues whatsoever please email or call the store and we will do our very best as always to help.

Team PlumeBlu

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