New look, new system

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Thanks for your patience, you may have noticed that things are a little different here!

That's because we have finally got around to switching ecommerce platform - something brewing for a couple of years while we tested out a number of alternative systems out, so what's new?

Firstly the entire system is new. With a more modern codebase it should be a little leaner and easier to work with on mobile devices. There's a raft of new features we are implementing over the coming weeks, with reward points on purchases being one of the first.

You save as you spend and can cash them in for products when your balance is full enough!

Because it's a new system you may have a few issues with logging in, we hope not but they do occur. The easiest thing to do is perform a password reset which will send a link to your email and allow you to change it yourself. Failing this, contact us and we can guide you through if you are struggling.

Please accept our apologies if you are experiencing trouble, we are monitoring and working on issues as they are reported so if you see something not right - let us know.



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